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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Popular sovereignty Ohio Governemt LOGO HERE By:Emily Reardon Most Important leader The bodies within the branches How many members are a part of these branches 2 Main duties of each branch The legislative branch makes laws. The legislative branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.Then there is theexecutive branch that administers laws.The last group of people and they are the judicial branch interprets and enforces laws. Yes there are many different bodies within each branch of government.They are similar in many way because not just one group of people runtheir branch.They are different in many ways to because some branch'sdon't have as many different branches within their branch. John Kasich is the Ohio, Governor and he is the most important leader limited government legislative branch Judicial Branch executive branch legislative:making the laws and bills are madeexecutive:administers laws judicial: interprets and enforces laws. federalism double click to change this title text! The Ohiogovernment balances mypersonal freedom with order in our communityin many ways. They set laws that are strict but fair at the same time. The people get to vote so they are apart of the government.When people vote it demonstrates freedom to vote for the person they want to vote for and shows order because the people that the citizens voted for make the laws andenforces them so that shows order. those are some ways thegovernment balances my personal freedom with order in our community.
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