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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Run by Governor John Kasich Executive Branch Legislative branch One main duty is to Make laws Powers include passing laws and impeaching officails and others Interperate the Constitution Review laws and decide cases involving rights Powers include directing government Judicial Branch The House and the Senete collectivly together is called the general assembly. there are 132 Members in the General assembly. The Supreme court is made upOf 7 Justices and they are the last court who make the final decision if people are guilty or non guilty. All Branches have equal power Ohio's Governors can serve 2 consecutive 4 year terms. The most important duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. Also another importent duty is to discuss and vote on laws. The Governor is like the President he signs laws and approves them in the Executive branch. The Judicial branch has a main job and that is to explain the meaning of the constitution and the laws you are supposed to follow. They are the ones who decide if you are guilty or not. 33% power John Kasich Ohio State House Ohio Judicial Building Ohio legislative building is in the State house 6 Members in the executive branch Governor LT. Governor Secretary of state Treasurer Auditor Cabinet Ohio has a Representative Government which means the people chose their leaders and have a say in the government. Seperation Of Powers People do not realize how much power they have in our government. 'We the people" those are the very first words in our countries birth Peel Paragraph I think our state government balances our rights and keeping order well. An example of this would be the three branches of government, It divides power and keeps the government from becoming to powerful or a single branch becoming to powerful. They do a good job with our rights because if you commit a crime you are put through many courts in the judicial system to decide if you are guilty or not. you don't just go to one court and go to jail. Our government does a great job with balancing our rights with order and I am glad for that. federalism is where power is when power is divided between Federal, State(OHIO), and Local like UA. Federal State Local
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