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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ohio's Government Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Governor Attorney General Auditor Of State Treasurer Of State State Board Of Education Secretary Of State -Supports local law enforcement.-Signs or vetos bills making their way to become a law. General Assembly Ohio House Of Representatives Ohio Senate = 99 members = 33 members -Debates proposed bills as possible laws.-Can override a veto with a 3/5's vote. Ohio's Legislativeand Executive building,called the Ohio Statehouse. John Kasich,Ohio's current (2015) Governor. Supreme Court Of Ohio Municipal Courts County Courts Of Claim Common Pleas Courts Ohio Appellate Courts Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Way Chief Justice O'Connor The amount of members depend onhow many this branch has at a time. Voting is an example of our representative government, by choosing new representatives every few years. John Kasich, our Ohio Governor, is signing a bill presented by the Legislative branch.Showing how the Executive Branchchecks another branch of government. This is an example of Checks And Balances. This is a police search warrant, basically, it means that the policecan't search your stuff without one of these, or else they will be goingagainst the law. This is an example of Limited Government, because they have rules that they have to follow as well. Governor does vetos for laws,the others work in their owncategories to enforce the law. -Solves conflicts that occur from the enforcement of the law.-Supreme court takes cases that could affect people for a long term amount of time with lots of people. Ohio's Government system balances my personal freedoms with order by "needing a warrant to search through my personal things" (Deputy Doug) and allowing me to go to court if another has reasonable suspicion to thing I've done something against the law. Or at least, that balances my personal freedoms, they balance it by being able to show both cases in court. This warrant let's the police search your things though, with, of course reasonto do so. So on the other side, to a degree they can look through your stuff to make sure people are not going against the law. Basically, Ohio balances your freedoms by only touching your things to a certain degree for safe checking. Cited Sources: Pictures: Johnson. "Legislative and Executive Branches' headquarters". Photograph. May. 23."John Kasich". Photograph."Ohio Judicial Center". Photograph., Martha. "Maureen O'Connor". Photograph. Oct. 2008. "Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O'Connor removes herself from voter case" 20 Oct. 2008. LaPrete, Jay. "Voting stickers lay on a table at the Kings Art Center in Columbus, Ohio." Photograph. 2012. "I Voted': Election stickers from around the U.S." 2012., Kyle. "signed a bill". Photograph. Jan. 2013. "'Puppy mill' law to take effect in the spring" 10 Jan . 2013., Joe. "Search Warrant". Photograph. Aug. 2013. "The Search Warrant Conundrum and Crime Scenes" 28 Aug. 2013."Speaker Of The House". Photograph. "The Ohio House Of Representatives" Information: Husted, Jon. Profile Ohio. viewed: 2/15/2015
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