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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Of Mice and Men Regionalism 5 Of My Own Notes:* People are helpless creatures- Curley's wife stood no chance once Lennie had ahold of her, although he never meant to hurt her.* Harsh realities- Candy knows he won't be any good to work at the ranch anymore,since he only has one hand and is very old.* No sentimentality- George throws the dead mouse away like it never meant a thing to anyone.* Demonstrates how ordinary people spoke and acted- George, Carlson, Lennie and Curley all called Crooks a "nigger."While this is considered rude today, this was the norm for them in the early 90's.* People are helpless creatures- Lennie needs George to survive. George is the caretaker of Lennie, althoughhe is a grown man. Categories for Regionalism:* Captures life in remote regions* No sentimentality; shows harsh realities* People are helpless creatures* Setting described in detail* Demonstrates how ordinary people spoke and acted Notes:* Captures life in remote regions- the ranch is isolated/rural; George and Lennie travel the country* Harsh realities- the stable buck (Crooks) is not treated fairly because of his race* People are helpless creatures- Candy needs the ranch job because he's disabled and old, and wouldn't get work elsewhere* Setting described in detail- Lots of setting description* No sentimentality- pups/dogs are drowned or shot Dakota Black
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