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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Odyssey "Book 23" Summary Penelope was awoken by her maid being told that odysseus had returned Refusing to believe this she runs downstairs to see if he's really there Finding Odysseus there she thinks the Gods are playing games with her and she tries to find a sign that shows it is really him She tells Odysseus that she had moved his bed outside and upon hearing this Odysseus gets furious saying that it is impossible to move his bed She then realizes it is truly him and apoligizes for not believing it is really him He explains everything to her and tells her how he had killed all the suitors He tells the maids to throw a feast so everyone will think all the ruckus was Penelope getting remarried to Odysseus The next morning Odysseus decides to visit his father. He tells all the women in the house to lock themselves up from potential avengers of the suitors He sets sail with Telemachus and his best men with Athena guarding him at all time Theme The theme of the book is that loveis the strongest force in there is.Odysseus overcame manyobstacles to find his wife and sonwho he loved much.When arriving home him and hiswife reunite and there love stillexists after 20 years. Metaphor "Who could have moved my bed? It is impossible not even a noble craftsman could move it. Unless it was a God sent upon us to move it himself"This metaphor says that the bed isimmovable the same way their love isand that no one could move them apart from eachother Simile "... but your heart was as hard asstone."This simile was said by Odysseus after Penelope had finally realized it was truly him.It shows how hardPenelope was on Odysseus. Shedidn't believe it was really him and refused to have any interactionwith him till she knew it was reallyhim. Heroic Qualities 1. Clever2. Intelligent3. Witty
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