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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Braintree Brookline Burlington Brockton Boston Beverly Belmont Bedford THE KIEL ACADEMY /TheKielAcademy @TheKielAcademy f t OCTOBER 7 Grow 'em Highest volume of business, the B's have it! Town's starting with B38 accounts $56KTown's starting with N18 accounts $52KTown's starting with W33 accounts $52K NJS JOBS BOOK BOTH CLASSES FOR ONLY $60 Keep 'em 44% CR > 3 years 10 clients = 5 + yrs Retention is critical to our ongoing growth and success # WBW @ @ 2012 1307 2013 1473 jobs 2010 REGISTER 2009 195 jobs2010 421 jobs2011 917 jobs GOCITYWIDEBOSTON.COM # WAY BACK WEDNESDAY CITY WIDE FUN FACTS 3900 total number of coffees provided by City Wide to clientsMike is the the most common CWMB primary contact first name(10 contacts have this name) next most common are Lisa and Dave (4 each) YTD 20141717 jobs Great place to prospect for new CR October 2014 company meeting Retention is key to our growth and success 84 clients started 2009-2011 CR from Oct 2013 to Oct 2014. 18.9% Get 'em City Wide Maintenance of Boston founded 2008 46% of our clients currently purchase supplies 100 OCTOBER 2014 * 7 NEW CUSTOMERS* 176 NJS JOBS * 45 SPS 162 2014 YTD JS appointments double click to change this header text! The MassachusettsSupplier Diversity Officecertifies CWMB asa Woman Business Enterprise 2009 In total 6029 NJS jobs 1/2009-10/2014 * average account size $622 Way back Wednesday 100
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