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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ocean acidification is a reduction in the pH of the ocean caused by uptake of carbon dioxide. start from scratch[clears the canvas] What is ocean acidification and how is it caused? Causes of ocean acidification Fossil fuel emissionsare the gases that are spewed out of mostcars, airplanes, power plants, and factories that are burning fossil fuels (coal, oil or gas). Deforestation is a two-fold issue. Burning down forests is similar toburning fossil fuels, it emits a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Connection of ocean acidification and globalclimate change Since water circulates over the globe in a predictable pattern, changes in the great ocean conveyor belt affect worldwide climate and the oceans inhabitants. How does ocean acidifcation impact the marine community? Some species ofcalcifying plankton that are threatened by ocean acidification form the base of marine food chains and are important sources of prey to many larger organisms. Enzymes are highlyselective catalysts,both greatlyaccelerating the rateand greatly enhancingthe specificity ofmetabolic chemical reactions,from the digestion of food to thesynthesis of DNA. Function of Enzymes Fossil fuel emissions are the gases that are spewed out of most cars, airplanes, power plants, and factoriesthat are burningfossil fuels (coal, oil or gas). Secondary effects Trouble creating calciumcarbonated shells which causes shells to crack in piecessince they dont have enough calcium. Increasing acidic oceansinterfere with the amountof oxygen which causes the organisms to not getthe oxygen they need and die. Decreases food chains of larger organisms. Without these organismsthe food chains starts to get lost and animals startto die Solutions to the problem Using less products will lead to a decreased demand to create new product out of new materials people can make sure their automobiles run efficiently by keeping the tires properly inflated, getting their cars serviced regularly, and by choosing fuel efficient vehicles.
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