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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Oases VS Mountains Oases Mountians double click to change this header text! Physical Features & Climate There was a lot of plants and shrubs. One important plant is the Date PalmWater seeped up from underground springs.This enviorment is typically warm and good for .Oases vary in size ranging from five acres to a large area.Oases provide shade, water and food. Adaptations People only had to make a few adaptations to successfully live in the desert. Among these included that most were farmers, they grew dates and other fruits, the settlers there also built houses out of palm trees, to make irrigation systems settlers hollowed out trunks and pumped water from wells they built to bring water up from springs. Rating The rating I give oases for liveability is 4. The reason I am giving oases this rate is because it has near everything you need; water, food and shelter however it is located in the middle of the desert making it hard to access. The trade rating i give to an oasis is a 5. This is because people who lived there traded with nomads as they came and went. Oases sometimes became trading center and towns. Physical features and climate Mountains ranged from 1000 to 1200. Two important mountain ranges were the Asir & Hejaz Mountains.Winters were often very harsh. The average rainfall can be upto 12 inches per year. Adaptations The people who lived in the mountains had to make a lot of adaptations in their everyday life. To make farming easier settlers built terraces to grow crops on. Water was also stored in terraces so they got their water through that. For crops, settlers grew melons.They also built mud and brick houses. Trading was scarce because the mountains being issolated. Rating I give this environment a 3 for livability rating since they have everything need but trade is hard and it is isolated. The trade rating for this environment is a one because since the mountains were hard to travel mountains did not become trade centers.
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