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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OTHER COMMON NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES VITAMIN A PROTECTS AGAINSTTHESE CONDITIONS:eczemacancerdiabeteshyperthyroidismnight blindnesspeptic ulcerwrinkles VITAMIN K ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (3 & 6) COPPER & ZINC WHY WE NEED IT BEST FOOD SOURCES IMPORTANT FOR THESEBODILY FUNCTIONS: immunityhealthy skinhearingnormal cell growth apricotsasparagusbasilbell peppersbroccoli Brussels sproutscantaloupecarrotscayenne peppercod liver oil PROTECTS AGAINSTTHESE CONDITIONS:atherosclerosiscancercirrhosishepatitisnauseaosteoporosis IMPORTANT FOR THESEBODILY FUNCTIONS: blood clottingbone healthheart health OMEGA-3s:chia seed/oilcodfenugreek seed/oilflax seed/oilpumpkin seed/oilsalmontroutwalnuts PROTECTS AGAINSTTHESE CONDITIONS:eczemanutritional deficienciesstunted growth IMPORTANT FOR THESEBODILY FUNCTIONS: blood vesselsbrain healthnerve healthnormal cell growthnutrient absorptionskin healthtissue repair asparagusavocadosbasilbell peppersbroccoliBrussels sproutscabbagecarrotscauliflowercelery IMPORTANT FOR THESEBODILY FUNCTIONS: blood healthdetoxificationimmunityjoint healthnerve conductionskin healththyroid function PROTECTS AGAINSTTHESE CONDITIONS:arthritis cancerbehavioral disordersinfectionsinfertilitynight blindnessosteoporosis asparaguscrimini mushroomsdairy productseggplantegg yolksgingerkalelegumeslivermeat References:1. Mateljan G. The World's Healthiest Foods. Seattle, WA: The George Mateljan Foundation; 2007. Gaby AR. Nutritional Medicine. Concord, NH: Fritz Perlberg Publishing; 2011. 3. Haas EM. Staying Healthy with Nutrition. New York, NY: Ten Speed Press; 2006.4. Gletsu-Miller N, Wright BN. Mineral Malnutrition Following Bariatric Surgery. Adv Nutr An Int Rev J. 2013;4(5):506-517. doi:10.3945/an.113.004341. collard greenscucumbersdairy productseggsgrapefruitgreen beanskaleliverspinachsweet potatoes Swiss chard collard greensgreen beanskalepeasRomaine lettuceseaweedspinachSwiss chardsummer squashtomatoes OMEGA-6s:oat germrice bransesame oilwalnutswalnut oilwheat germ NOTE: Standard American dietsare high in omega-6s and low in omega-3s, with a ratio between 10:1 and 20:1. To maximize the benefits of EFAs, that ratio should be closer to 3:1. nutspeanutspotatoespoultryseafoodseedsspinachSwiss chardtomatoes whole grains
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