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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nutrition what is nutrition? Nutrition is a material (food) which is needed by our living cells to stay alive. This is because our body utilizes the foods and absorbs the nutrients (macro and micro) to produce energy grow and survive in the cells.1 calorie (kcal) = 4185.8 joules Carbohydrates 4 kcal per gramThis molecule consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.Carbs include glucose, fructose and galactose (monosaccharides) also sisacharides and polysaccharides (starch)which is a complex carb and is broken down slowlywhereas less complex carbs are broken down faster and can spike blood sugar levels which is related to heart and vascular disease. Proteins- 4 kcal per gramThis molecule contains nitrogen carbon hydrogen and oxygen.Simple proteins (monomers) are used to create complex proteins (polymers) which is used for repair and growth of tissue.Fats: - 9 kcal per gramThis consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.Fatty acids are simple compounds (monomers) whereas triglyceride is complex (polymers)There are micro nutrients which are still essential for living but do not provide energy:Fibre:Consists of mainly carbohydrate but because of the limited absorption not much of the sugars and starches go into the bloodstream. Water:70% of non-fat mass in the body is water. A sufficient amount of water is needed to avoid dehydration.More consumption of water is need to those who are more exposed to sunlight and do more physical activity and sweat more.Vitamins and minerals
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