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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NüPortal Advent Axys and Apx DownloadReports Without a Key How NüPortal Works Save Money On License Keys Key Advantages Of NüPortal NüPortal can leverage one license key to optimize the usage of many users in your company by setting up a central server! Reduces the number of license keys thereby reducing costs. Improved user experience.Streamlined user input fields.Record logging of all reports ran.Download or print reports from the web browser. Traditionally with concurrent license software you are forced to buy more licenses than you need in order to support peak usage times, or suffer by not having enough licenses.This can cost your company thousands of dollars in utilized capacity and is notideal. NüPortal can solve this problem by leveraging a single license to support multiple users.NüPortal is our server application that provides shared access to other software programs. NüPortal is installed on a computer within your companys network, turning that computer into an internal portal that all your staff can access at the same time. Your staff can access the softwares functionality by using a web browser. NüPortal works with programs that accept command line parameters and output a result (e.g. reports or other data). Why keep paying for license keys your company doesnt need? Advisors don't usually add content to AdventAxys/APX data. Most advisors log into the PMSsoftware to obtain reports, however they are still paying for a full license. With NüPortal they no longer need a licence key to access reports,they can just log into NüPortal and request a report using our autofill account lookup. One Key To Rule Them All
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