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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy By: Jada Allison Nuclear Energy Pros ~The most important reason this energy is good is that it powers our electricity. ~The nuclear power plants, when running it the cost is less. It cost 1.51 cent/kWh Cons ~Every nuclear power reactor annually generates 20-30 tons of high-level nuclear waste. ~Unshielded, it delivers a large doses of it in seconds and will remain a hazardous for at least 12,000 human generations ~The radiation of it makes treatments for the cancer patients. ~The power plants have a high risk of causing a nuclear accident. Created Nuclear Reaction-At nuclear power plants, the heat to make the steam is created when uranium atoms split called fission. The nuclear energy starts by a fission in the nuclear plants. Then it is made into electricity. Which this is distributed out to all places. Homes, hospitals, schools, etc. Places this source is located The places this energy could be developed more are limited. This nuclear energy power plants are illegal in some states. Looking at the topography, the nuclear power plants have to have water to operate.Last the large reason to make one is to look at population, the people need electricity. Places to be developed Compared to fossil fuels, nuclear energy is at a much higher percent of usage. The highest percent of fossil fuels that gets used is hydroelectric, with 11,1%. While nuclear energy has 78,1%. Fossil Fuels Comparison Nuclear Energy is used a lot in life. As it leaves the power plants as electricity, it comes to houses. Giving the peoplelight and warmth they need. It also gives the light and power to hospitals, schools, all buildings that we people ineract with. How it affects me On June 26, 1954 the first nuclear power plant was build... In 1938, two German scientists discovered that they could split the nucleus of a uranium atom by fill it with neutrons History Nuclear Energy is good in some ways. To me I think that we should cut down the use of the power plants that have created so much nuclear energy.This energy does give us the electricity we need, but it is at many high risks. The builders of it spend to much money on the building of it. There has been many nuclearspills and could be more. This stuff can harm or kill millions of people. I think we should have the power plants, but make few of them. Have just enoughto power all houses, no more than what we need. Argument
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