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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 North vs The South is in the Union then they donot have the will to fight and they are trying to pull away from the British The North is keeping the South in the South and does not want then to be in the Union The capital if Richmond Virginia Washington,D.C Richmond, Virginia-after Large navy which grew even largeras the war progressed Vitually no navy at the start of the war preserve the Union and then later to fee the slaves they want to gain independenceand to preserve Southern way of life Federals,Yanks,Billy Yanks,and Yakees Rebels,Rebs,Confederates, Union, United States of America, Federals,U.S.A Confederacy, ConfederateStates of America,CSA Stars and Steipes Stars and Bars and a separate Battle Flag 23 states 11 states 22,000,000 9,000,00 (3,500,000 were slaves) 92% of the nation's industries were in the North 75% of the nation's RR miles were in the North had 75% of the nation's wealth banking, manufacturing,shipping Significantly fewer railroads were in the South most of the wealth was in land and slaves most of the wealth was in lnd and slaves Jefferson Davis had been senator from Mississippi and secretary of war; also had military experience during the Mexican War. Abraham Lincoln had extensive experience as a lower, limted experience in Congress,and virtually no military experience less skilled battle away from home conscipted immiagrants politically divided portecting homes and way of life fought on their own land military tradition violence was apart of the Southern society South
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