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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George W Bush By TOMMY George bush was the 43rd president of the united states of americaHe was replaced by Brack Obomber in 2009. He was elected president in 2001 with a very controversial vote against John Kerry, who wasalso a running candidate. After his 2nd term was up, George Bush MadeA Memoir Called 'digging memories'. Now, he mostly works on what heused to do before he became a president: cleaning rivers and buildingdams. Before he became a president, George was working on oil factoriesand made a great living off of it. But then soon after he dicided to run forgovernor of Texas. It was a close race, and the candidates were pilingup. He eventually made it when a republican started to become nervous and cheated. Bush was officially the new governor of Texas in the summerof 1995. Then, he realized that he wanted to become a republican. In the2000 election, someone had to be chosen to replace the president of the USA.George bush decided to run for it. It was now just him vs John Kerry. When the ballots finally came in the results were announced at the white house.It was a very controversial vote: John got more votes, but George got moreONLINE votes a few minutes before the deadline, and he ended up winning. History Accomplishments and impact After George bush left the building in 2009, His impact received mixed reviews.Some people complained about his lack ofeffort and slow business decisions, amongother things like his slow approach to 9/11and the controversial vote in 2000. Other people say he helped defend us during the iraq war, with little to no deaths. I personallythink Obama is worse.Several of his accomplishments are:1 building a dam2 building engines3 helping a cleaner community Quotes "Leadership to me means duty, honor and country""moose throwing bombs""some people see me and see swag, i call it walking""If its not terrorism, its war""one of my favourite moments is not going for popularity""its clearly a budget. theres numbers in it""teach a child to read, so they'll pass a literacy test." Facts 1 Did not directly fight 9/11 attacks2 Lowest rate of president next to Obama3 Graduated from Yale in 19764 Worked, originally, in small oil foundation5 Fought for clean energy resources.6 Because he had more online votes than John,his vote was very controversial and criticized.7 Lead us into the Iraq war8 Was the 43rd president of the U.S. Sources Wikimedia (not a typo)Yahoo answersBiography.comUspresidents.orgGoogle (for images)
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