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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 No Easy Day CHILDHOOD Mark Owen grows up in a small village in Alaska and dreams of becoming a SEAL. Mark learns to hunt and learn the basics of a rifle. He is inspired by the book called"Men in Green Faces", which is a book about the Navy SEALS and he will not stop until he is a SEAL. OSAMA BIN LADEN Osama Bin Laden was to a construction billionaire named Mohammed Awed Bin Laden. Bin Laden was the seventh of fifty children. He was known to be anoutstanding student at one of the most prestigious high schools in his area. After the withdrawal of the Soviets, he formed al-Qaeda. They led strikes tothe western countries. Mark Owen was deployed many times to Afghanistan. He was included on many missions. Mark Owen was also included on the mission that rescued Captain Phillips on the Maersk Alabama. MANY MISSIONS THE CIA The CIA gained leads on the location of Osama bin Laden with the use of enhanced interrogation methods. The CIA found members of al-Qaeda who were close to binLaden such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is the mastermind behing the devastating attacks of 9/11. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured inMarch of 2013 and was interrogated to help find Osama bin Laden. Jen, a CIA agent, found many leads on bin Laden. They noticed, from drone footage, that in the compound, there was a man who walked in the courtyard for hours. They nicknamed him "The Pacer".They thought "The Pacer" was bin Laden but they did not know for sure. Jen said therewas a 100% chance bin Laden was in the compound but many did not believe her. Altogether in the compound were Khalid bin Laden, Abrar el Kuwaiti, Amar el Kuwaiti, Osama bin Laden, and many other women and children. THE GREEN LIGHT When officials alerted The White House about leads of bin Laden, They thought up a planfor a mission. Once the mission was planned, certain SEALs from DEVGRU were pickedto be a part of the mission. The team practiced the mission for several weeks while TheWhite House decided if they should preform the mission. They were deciding on if they should send in the SEALs or deliver an airstrike. They vetoed the idea of an airstrike because they wanted a positive ID on Osama bin laden, code named Geronimo. The target was located in a compound in a residential neighborhood in Pakistan. After the team provedthey could pull it off, The White House approved the mission and the mission was a go. Operation Neptune Spear There were two black hawks named Chalk One and Chalk Two C1 attempted to hoverover "A" courtyard but was unable two and crash landed. C2 landed and inserted the external security team consisting of four SEALs, the combat assault dog, and the interpreter.The pilots of C1 were able to crash in "E" courtyard. Next, C2 saw C1 crashingand C2 went the safe way by landing outside the gate. The SEALs of C1 quickly recovered and began the assault. 4 assualters take the south door, 3 take the north door, some move toand explosively breach north gate which is leading to "B" compound, and 2 assaulters and aninterpreter watch for bystanders and Pakistan military/police. SEALs from C1 exit andimmediately have to explosively breach the first gate, 1 sniper takes rooftop position, 1assaulter clears rooftop, 2 assaulter clear building, and two assaulters and a dog circle thecompound. C2 went through "D" gate. After clearing "C" (guest house) Owen's team headed tothe main house to assist with the assault. On the first level, after the breach of the north door,the SEALs climbed up the staircase, clearing each floor along the way. On the second level, the point man killed Khalid before leading the final team to the third floor. On the third floor, bin Ladenwas shot and killed as he poked his head from the doorway.
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