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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pressures in ModernMegacities! - Needs to have more than 10-15 million people.- There are 27 megacities in the world. - In the 1800's, less than 3% of the worlds population lived in cities. What is a Megacity? BANGKOK a,Megacity, Experiencing Urban Pressure! Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, It is situated in the Choa Phraya Rive in Southeast Asia, Northern hemisphere. Population & Demographics - Over 14 million people. - 90% of Thailand's population lives in Bangkok. Interesting Data about Bangkok & it's People - Bangkok is known as Krung Thep in Thai.- Bangkok is also known as Venice of the East and city of Angels. Pressures or Challenges Faced by Bangkok Social: Social: - Too many people.- Increase of road rage.- Cost of food, homes & jobs increase.- Spread of diseases. Economic: - Hard to find jobs.- Cost of living. Enviromental: - Too many buildings.- A lot of pollution. - Animals homes have been destroyed - Impact on plant life. Physical layout structure Physical layout/ structure - Bangkok is located on the data of the Chao River - Shops on every street. TOKYO a, Megacity, HandlingUrbanisation positively! Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, it is situated on the South-western part of the Kanto region. It is one of the mot popular cities in the world. Population & Demographics - In 2010 13,047 people lived in Tokyo.- 25% of Japans population lives in Tokyo.- One of the biggest cities in Asia. Interesting Data aboutTokyo & it's People - Many people that work in the citydont' actually live there.- One of the largest cities in the world. Physical location/ structure
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