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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 North Korea China Radio People who get caught using illegal technology will be sent to jail or have to pay a heavy fine. People who get caught using illegal technology will be sentenced to jail or work camp for life, or they will be executed. China's internet censorship is referred to as "The Great Firewall of China" because while they are allowed to have internet, it is very heavily censored. 95% of the Chinese population has access to moderately censored TV. They censor TV kind of like the U.S. does, except China's is slightly heavier and stricter. Radio plays music and broadcasts but broadcasts are sometimes interrupted by governments "Radio Jams" if they don't like it. 93% of the Chinese population has cell phones but texts and calls are monitored by the government. Only the most elite members of the country have access to the internet TV's only play government produced shows that praise their leader Radios only play pre-tuned government broadcasts Both China's and North Korea's government have censored their citizens from a lot of things including internet access, TV, radio, cell phone usage, and technology. There are some differences in the levels of censorship between the two countries. These are some of the differences. Internet access TV vs Many North Koreans have cell phones but everything is monitored by the government. Radio Cell Phones Punishment Internet access TV Cell Phones Censorship Punishment
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