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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 On December 7,1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. Jeanne Wakatsuki and her family were on the docks of San Pedro Harbor in California, when they heard about the bombing. Jeannes father was arrested by the FBI for giving oil to Japanese boats. After her father was taken away, Jeanne and the rest of her family moved to Terminal Island to avoid the racism towards the Japanese Americans. The population on Terminal Island was primarily Japanese Americans. After that, they moved to Boyle Heights. In February 1942, the President gives the Executive Order 9066, forcing Japanese Americans into internment camps. Jeanne and her family were moved to a camp called Manzanar in California. The food there is really bad and the living conditions were horrible. They had to live in barracks made of tarpaper and had holes in them. Where they were living, there was lots of dust and the dust got into the barracks. The camps bathrooms were pretty much unusable. After about a year, Jeannes dad returns. Jeanne drifts away from her family and starts to go to the camps churches and take interest in other people. Her family eventually moves into another, nicer barrack in the camp, by a pear tree. After this, schools began to open and she started attending school. After about two years, the camp is evacuated. Jeannes family stayed as long as they could in the camp, because they had no money and no place to go. They eventually got a home in Long Beach. Years later, Jeanne and her husband take their kids to the remains of Manzanar. Before the war, Elie Wiesel was a normal boy living in Sighet. He studied the Torah and the Cabbala with Moshe the Beadle. Later, Elie does not hear from Moshe. After Moshe returns, he tells people the story of what he saw when he was gone. He told them that he saw the Gestapo murdering innocent Jews, and he was shot, but managed to escape. No one believed his story. Moshe was never the same after that and he did not study with Elie. In the spring of 1944, Elie and his family were forced to move into ghettos. First, they lived in a regular sized ghetto. Not long after that, they were moved into a small ghetto. Then, the people living in the ghettos were forced onto cattle cars for several days. After about three or four days, they arrived at Birkenau, the entrance of Auschwitz. Elie and his family were separated, but he managed to stay with his father. They eventually had their heads shaved and their camp ID numbers tattooed onto their arms. The conditions in the concentration camps were very bad. They didnt get much food, only bread and soup. Elie decided to stay with his father at all costs. They moved around in the camp, but they stayed together. In camp, Elie lost his faith in God and all of the people in the world. Later, the Nazis decide to evacuate the camp. They boarded the Jews onto cattle cars and they went to Buchenwald. In Buchenwald, his father gets sick and gets taken away, probably to the crematoria, during the night. On April 11, 1945, the American troops liberate the camp.
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