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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does air pollution effect environment? Did you know? 6.4 Million people die from air pollution is hamful;poisonous gases that is harmful to plants, animals and humans and bad for you health. It could get you really sick! The pollution gets into plants that animals eat and that puts poison in their body. It harms animals by causing bad chemicals in body It harms humans, The pollution damages also lakes, trees and fish Ways to use less air pollution Don't drive cars, drive Bikes! Keep the thermostat Low! And do not leave lights On! Air pollution It can cause Asthma attacks when breathed in, and Asthma is a really bad desese. Did you know? Every time we breath air pollution, It gets you slowly closer to Death! Did you know? people have Asthma and 30 million air pollution causes asthma They passed the clean air act and that helped us a lot out with cleaning air pollution everywhere. It even changes the U.S.A. Clean air act Now this graph shows that 73 percent of the air pollution comes from Transportation. So I agree with not using transportation that causes air pollution because that would reduse a lot of air pollution. My sollution is riding bikes! I think sciencist should make solar cars that use no Air Pollution that are powered by the sun! Now this shows how much people die from air pollution around the world. The middleast seems to have a lot of air pollution deaths. solar car!
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