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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ocean Acidification in New Zealand New Zealand is located South East of Australia. In New Zealand ph level changes are greater in cooler water. New Zealand's weather is usually unpredictable and in the summer it's mid 20's. In the northern island part of New Zealand upwelling areas suchas the Hauraki Gulf are more vulnerable to a change giving. In the southern island of New Zealand impacting in high latitude in the southern ocean expecting, from2040 onwards. If the New Zealand community loses the selfishthey lose their identity. New Zealand is knownfor it's sea food. These treasured species, are "not just a form of food[for the Maori people] they're who they are." "If we can provide [that food] on the table, that means our mana as a people is upheld and preserved. If we can't provide [that food] then our mana is degraded." (Wariaria New Zealand citizen) When learning about this our group wants to help find a way to stop ocean acidification. These people work hard every day and their work is being taken form them, Our group is going to find a way to help discover a way to stop ocean acidification. To help these people keep their jobs and to help everyone that as a problem like this. C40 Cities Global LeadershipProgram is planning to reduce the green house gasses in the cities and reducing the carbonfoot print of the members cities involves municipalities encouraging utilization of alternative tech.
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