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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Example Difference New World and Oceania The Similarity Oceania Difference Development Political of Example New World Similarity New World Oceania AmericaFirst people were arranged in nomadic communities (closeto food supplies)Later developed a Hierarchy systemNext, loose confederation of city-states:independent, but connected by trade networkand centralized monarch Economical The independent early domestication of endemic species in the New Guinea region; introduction of species from Southeast Asia; the advent of American crop plants. Kings and ruling familiesPriestsHereditary nobilityMerchantsArchitects and sculptorsArtisans and craftspeopleSlaves Development of Social ClassesLarge pop. Led to specialized workers, farming, fishing, axes, canoe makingSocial classes of high chiefs, lesser chiefs and commonersHawaii also had classes of priest and skilled artisans ranking between chiefs + commoners Agriculture brought settlements, increased populations, political authorities, long distance trade, religion and hierarchal social orders. Agriculture -Agriculture becomesmore sophisticated technique Developed:-Irrigation system -Terrace Farming-Slash and burn -Swamp agriculture and organized labor system -Left a rich artistic legacy that include pottery, sculpture,metal work and painting Began as hunter-gatherer groups Later migrated to new landsTrade networksGrew crops:- Oceania: sweet potato- New world: corn, potato, etc.
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