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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Achieved Goals: Goals: Methods: Major Impact and Lasting Contribution: Merging of Mind and Body Individual Freedom Equality Did you hear about Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Improved Educational System - Sought to combine theintellectual and the worker- Cultivate more well-roundedpeople with simpler lives - Freedom to pursue specificscientific and literary interests- Freedom from the competitionof the capitalist world - Open benefits of education to all- Preschool, primary school and college preparatory school Profits were equallydivided between laborers - Equality for fruits of labor- Gender equality with equallabor and equal pay- Equality between educatedand laboring classes Financed by sale ofstock ($500)-> Purchaser of share became a member Established an agricultural societybased on manual labor Profits were shared equally among all the laborers. Discipline in schoolinstilled a sense of passion for intellectualwork. Labor was shared equally among all the laborers. Brook Farm dissociated after only a few years of existence. Therefore, the only goal that was accomplishedin the long-term wasestablishing a better educational system Failed because residentsknew little about farming Failed because residentsengaged in frequent internal disagreements Failed because of newspapercriticism (dissuading new members) Failed because multiple uninsured buildings were destroyed in a fire. - Became a new source of literary expression ex. Walden Essays, First and Second Series - New belief of being skeptical of established religions and belief that divinity rested in individual- Signs of gender equality- Laid philosophical foundations for those like Walt Whitman and Travis Liu
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