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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Football players have a 75% chance of getting a concussion Compare this to 5-10% in most other sports 5/lsu-football-fights-concussions-with-ne w-high-tech-mouthguards/ GPS devices are believed to be able to monitor an athletes dynamic stress load, depending on their body type and current activity.This could help detect unusual behavior in a player after a big hit. This technology is already in use for most professional and college teams, and can be found in the Riddell Speedflex helmet. At the end of the college football season this year, the number of concussions decreased by around 10%, as seen on ESPN. post/_/id/2707/new-tech-predicts-injuri es Body Sensor Time Frame New Projects Emerging now are some new projects that could help. The Axon program allows skill position players to test their skills against an imaginary defense to see where a big hit could potentially come from. This technology is already being used, but is not very common yet.There are also new mouthguards that are technologically advanced and are believed to be able to more accurately detect a concussion. However, this technology is still being tested. ncaaf/2014/08/24/college-football-previ ew-revolution-technology-axon/14520225 / The Axon program is relatively new. It can help train a skill position player to read the defense and show where a big hit may come from. Bodily Sensors for Safety in Football(And what else is possible with them) Accelerators in a football players helmet are already being used in a lot of NFL and college teams, and have even been tested in high school football. The HIT System has already tracked over 150,000 hits! GPS sensors are also already in use in football at both the pro and college levels and upwards of 75% of researchers believe that GPS sensors are the best choice. However, researchers also believe that they should not be regarded as 100% accurate yet and to still listen to the player and not just the statistics. Regarding the best helmet available at all levels without sensors in it is believed to be the Revo Speed by Riddell which was launched in 2013. The helmet carries a perfect 5/5 star rating. Other Uses Many of these bodily sensors are believed to be able to help heart disease patients by monitoring their vitals. They are also believed to be able to help the military by tracking to see when a soldier has been pushed to his limits, sustained an injury, etc.
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