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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Capitalism Dominates Your Life Economic systems determines how the people live in there country. Capitalism would be the best system to live in because there is a free market, so you can buy from anyone. There is also a higher income rate so you will get more money compared to other not capitalist countries, and there is a competitive advantage.Lastly, more choices are provided for us, we can do many great things in life because we were given freedom. "In a good way" Free Market You can pick your job, and get the amount of money you deserve."where labor is purchased formoney wages." You get whatyou work for. The governmentwon't take your money like in a socialist country. Capitalism Higher Income Rate Competitive Advantage You have the freedom to trade anything, and choose who you want to sell to. "goods and services are freely traded in the open market with each seller setting his/her price, competition is bound to occur." This means that if you do have competition, you could possibly get your item fora lower price if the bid starts out low You will make more money and have a better life living in a capitalist country. You would get almost triple the the rate then Venezuela which is a market-basedeconomy. You would have a longer life span because living in a capitalist country would mean that you would become morewealthy and if your wealthy, you can take better care of yourself and live longer."Japan has the highest life expectancyin the world but the reasons, says an analysis, are that Japan's wealthinessand there diet is keeping them safe and healthy." You would also have a better education. Japan is a capitalist country andthey have a literacy rate of 99%. Comparedto Venezuela and Afghanistan (who have a market-based economy), that is very high.
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