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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 presents: 1. Don't Cling To The Person You Came With It is a natural occurrence that as people when we travel in groups, we tend to stick with the people that we came with, rather than venture out to meet new people and engage in new conversations. Attending events with your friends and associates is fun, but don't forget theprimary focus of the event is to network. Socialize with your existing contacts, but don't forget to venture out and meet someone new! This does NOT mean that you cannot attend a networking event with a friend, but in the event you do, make a conscious effort to moveindependently throughout the event in an effort to network and connect with new people. After all, your friends are already in your network :). 2. Go Solo! Going solo to a networking event creates an environment in which you are open and easily accessible to meet new people. It is alsovery likely that you will be focused on connecting with new potentialcontacts without feeling like you are neglecting your associatesand friends. 3. Focus On Connections Not Cards When attending networking events, many people take a huge focus on collecting business cards. However, if you don't takethe time to focus on meaningful conversations and establishingsome synergy with the people you are networking with, the business card simply becomes a remnant from the networkingevent that will eventually get lost in your purse. Focus onconnections not cards. 5 Effective Tips For Networking At An Event When attending a networking event, you should havea clear purpose in mind in relation to what you want toachieve.Are you an event planner seeking to connect with more vendors?Are you a Marketing Student seekingan Internship?Determine the purpose of your networkingso that you can establish clearly defined goals and metricswhen attending networking events. 4. Network With A Purpose 5. Don't Get Stuck At a networking event, it is commonplace that youwill eventually meet some people that you will end up having a great conversation with. However, makesure you remember to float around the room and meet some of the other event attendees, Don't get stuck in one conversation all night. It is great to meet people that you share similiar interest with,however,your next business connection could be in the same room. Your never going to meet themstaying in the same place. Don't get stuck. Makesure you work the room! Copyright (c) 2015. Smart Cookie BloggerAll rights reserved. Want More Marketing Tips & Advice?Log on to #SmartCookieBlogger
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