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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Finding Nemo Call to adventure:Nemo touches the boat, when his father tells him not to,and gets captured by a diver. Marlin, Nemo's father, must try to save Nemo before he is killed. Assistance: While Marlin is chasing the boat, he meats a girl fish named Dory. Dory tries to help Marlin, but can't remember, or even make up her mind on to where the boat went. Departure: Marlin and Dory leave their home and set out to find Nemo. They take directions from fishes that act as an arrow and points to where they saw the boat go. Trials: Mean while, Marlin and Dory don't know that Neom is already at a Dentist. Neom makes some fish friends ,and creates a plan with them to make the tank dirty so they can be put into bags, and head to the ocean. Nemo's job is to climb up a tube to stop the filter from spinning, and make the tank dirty. Approach: At the same time, Marlin and Dory head to this bomb festive place and meets sharks. Crisis: Nemo gets stuck in the tube, and is about to be shredded. The tank fish, Grill, Bubbles, Peach, Jacques, Bloat, Deb, and Gurgle, all grab a plant and shove it up into the tube to save Nemo's life. Treasure: Marlin and Dory have a crazy adventure, when Nemo and his fish friends try to escape the tank. Neom plays dead and gets flushed in the toilet, and lands in a fish net with tons of other fish. Marlin finds Nemo after talking to crabs, but was so devastated to find him trapped in a net. Result: Nemo becomes a hero by communicating with the other fish to swim down and open the net. The net opens ,and Nemo is reunited with is Father and meets Dory. Return: Neom, Marlin, and Dory return to the Coral Reef. New Life: Marlin becomes a lot less uptight on Neom, and lets him hang with his friends. Dory and Marlin become the best of friends. Resolution: Nemo starts school and listens to his father. He learned to always listen or consequences will happen. Julie Migliore Status Qou: In the end, they live happily ever after, and got to see more adventures. As for the tank fish, they finally escaped the tank and headed for the ocean.
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