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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Need My Brother Back! Anna is describing her situation to the reader. She finds herself in a tent and forgets where she is. My Story Begins The person is shadowing the tent. I clutch the knife, under my pillow and I am ready to spring. Zippp! I gasp in surprise, i almost faint. A smiling face peers down at me. You must be the new student she says. Once again the majestic silhouette of my now familiar school stands before me butnow in a different light. I creep down the locker filled corridors that fill my school, now covered in dancing shadows as my flashlight flickers and the battery is sucked of its life. Im so sorry, I did not know you were still sleeping she exclaims. my name is Miley and I am the classrepresentative for Mrs. Websters 8th grade class, at Wobbly Hill High School.My first reaction is to scream, my second is to run away, but all I do is gawk. Over me stands a young blond girl, who looks like she couldbe the head of thecheer-leading team and probably is. I grab my bag and head downthe long hallways to the servants staircase and into the kitchen. I grab some snacks and two slices of pizza from the night before for my lunch. Just remembering i need a water bottle i stop my breakfast preparations. I grab a bottle from the cupboard and set it under the faucet. Anna, lost her brother to some bad people and since then have been looking for him and to do that she attends Wobbly Hill High School a school for the talented. She finds her mortal enemy in a fight for freedom and to find her long lost brother.
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