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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Diversion of Angels (1948) Panorama (1935) Steps in the Street (1936) Cave of the Heart (1946) The Eagles *resources QUEEN OF MODERN DANCE Martha Graham Clytemnestra (1958) Snow on the Mesa (1995) Subtitled homelessness devastation exile, Martha Grahams 1936 dance Steps in the Streets depicts the aftermath of some terrible tragedy.Music: Wallingford Reigger Costumes: Graham Cave of the Heart is a study of the destructive powers of love, the dark passions that guard the human heart, coiled like a serpent ready to strike when attacked. Music : Wallingford Reigger Costumes: Graham Clytemnestra is a two-hour ballet created by Martha Graham in 1958. When Clytemnestra premiered, it became an instant hit. The modern ballet was Graham's largest-scale work, as well as her only full-length work, and is considered by many to be her masterpiece. Diversion of Angels is a lyric dance about the loveliness of youth, the pleasure and playfulness, quick joy and quick sadness of being in love for the first time. Choreography and Costumes by Martha GrahamMusic by Norman Dello Joio Performed to music by Norman Lloyd, Panorama was divided into three parts, Theme of Dedication, Imperial Theme, and Popular Theme.The work was danced by Martha Graham and Group, with student dancers. It is graceful and intense piece,a dance choreographed by Bob Wilson and premiered in 1995 after Martha Graham death, and originally subtitled « A Portrait of Martha ».
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