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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Near death experience A near death experience is when you die andcome back to into your body again. When youdie you know that you either go down to the devils home or gods home. After your near death experience you usually come backinto the body you died in and live a normal life again. Usually after a near death experience you will yes remember what happened and live normally. Near death experience (God) I have read alotabout near death experience and going up to god and how pretty it is but here are a couple things lots and lots of people see and feel. They say they see a very bright light. And they feel that theirs lotsof love and peace in heaven. A women saidshe saw woods. Also people have said that they see there parents in the clothesthey died in. Also a lady said she went to heaven and god was refering to her son and sayinghes only Nine. Near death experience (Devil) I read some near death experiences on going down tothe devil. And the man i got most ofmy facts on had a lot of things to tellbut here are a few. He said when he diedin the hospital he saw his body laying on the bed. He said he saw black figures hecouldn't make out that where calling his nameacross the hall at the hospital. The figures told himto come with them and cursed and hit him the father they got. He said they walked till his feet hurt and then they ate him alive and tore offskin. And all he could hear was somebodysaying pray. Lots of people have had near death experiences!
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