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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The native american revolution has had a large impact on history and is still going on today. We are focusing on the impact of Tecumseh in the War of 1812. What are they rebelling? They were rebelling the expansion of english settlers into native american territories. Tecumseh was a large part of thisbecause he fought for the British, he and his followers thought thatif they won then the expansion into their land would stop. IMPORTANT PEOPLE-tecumseh: important leader in-tenskwatawa: brother of tecumseh, profit-U.S general William Henry Harrison: after victory against the british sent troops to burn Tecumseh's home base profitstown in indiana.-Tecumsehs followers: they were Native americans who thought tecumseh was a strong, inspirational leader.most of them also believedthat Tenskwatawa was theprofit.-british army: some Nativeamericans teamed up with them,because they thought that if the british won the war the expansions onto indian territories would stop. Tecumseh died in the Battle of the Thames when British troops deserted them and they were overwhelmed by american soldiers, led by William Henry Harrison. Tecumseh felt the battle must be won to stop the expansion of english settlers but he was mortally wounded and died soon after. Battles leading up to the resistance -Battle of Fallen Timbers - Murder of Double Head - Cherokee Delegation - Battle of Tippecanoe - War of 1812 Tecumseh (Shawnee) vs. Americans If there had been no resistance,Native Americans would not bepresent today. even though the americans won the war there were many treaty's made with the indians to preservetheir land. The Barbary Pirates werent really part of American history until they attacked American ships. AND LOST. This is somewhat related to our event. They did not meet face-to-face in battle, but they both have the concept of war, battles, and fighting. Barbery Pirates
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