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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The National Health Plan was a partnership between the government, private sector, community and individuals. The aim was to strengthen healthcare in Singapore, by enhancing the quality of services and sharing the responsibility of providing healthcare. 5 new hospitals by 2000 intended impact improving government hospitals by granting them more freedomto run their operations forgreater efficiencyeg. NUH, SGH buildnewhospitals restructureselectedhospitals nationalhealth plan outpatientclinics polyclinics more privateoutpatientclinics one in each major HDB town improving quality of outpatient healthcare services government private sector patients can get qualityoutpatient treatment ... leads to shorter A&E queues >> serious illnesses treated more quickly intended impact in 1982 13privatehospitals more privatehospitalsdeveloped allocated more land to building private hospitals intended impact more healthcare optionsespecially for Singaporeans who prefer more personalised treatment community encouraged to set up community hospitals run by grassroots groups for patients who needed a long time to recover but at more affordable prices encouraged to set up nursing homes run by community and charity groups for the elderly and sick.funded by philanthropic groups to act as cheaper alternativesto government hospitals forthose who need long-term care intended impact Singapore individuals living anactive lifestyle medisave to take ownership of ones own medical expenses intended impact to lower the cost of treatment when restructured hospitals compete with other hospitals to ensure that Singaporeans had sufficient savings for healthcare costs, reducing the burden on the government's budget clinics used to close at, selected clinics to extendoperating hours
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