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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Al Capone Sources The Original Scarface Ads/Likes The cats meow, the most fashionable hair styleof our time for dames is the flapper. The radio is the newest popular technology. It is the Bee's Knees of entertainment Louie Armstrong Musican Newsfeed/Status Updates Al CaponeAugust 11,1934I have gotten news that I'm going to prison on federal tax charges, they call it the Rock on Alcatraz Island. Won't be there for long Mr. Ness. Al CaponeFeb 14 1929Just made a special Valentines Day delivery for some old friends. Al CaponeSep 20 1926Just found out my north side rivals, Heymie Weiss and Bugs Moran tried to kill me whileI was having lunch today. Al Capone March 10, 1925Was just made the big cheese in Chicago, and Im not talking about pizza. Al CaponeApril 25th, 1923Just moved to Chicago and this city is no flat tire. I'm keen onchecking out a few joints before I settle down. Al CaponeDec 30 1918I now am a father of Albert "Sonny" Francis Capone born from my wife Al Capone1917Got into trouble in a knife fight, got split open. Now everyone calls me Scarface, I wonder if it will stick? Friends Elliot NessMarch 10, 1929I just made it my business to investgate your business.I'm letting you now that I'm hard boiled and no pushover. Pablo PicasscoPainter Pick up a fedora today,whatreal gangsters wear. Check out the newtommy gun, it's mypersonal favorite for getting the job done right. News Flash1923The Charleston Dance just took over, giving clubs all overthe country a new dance craze.Time Magazine is also founded providing world wide news for the masses. News Flash1929First Academy Awards were justheld, showcasing Americas best movies and most famous actresses/actors. News Flash1927Babe Ruth sets home run record andbecomes a national hero News Flash1920Women just got granted the right to vote forever changingthe political and social landscape of America.
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