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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Voyage To America 1.The immigrant come to united state from the 1880s to 1920s many immigrants come to united state for the greater economic or to get an education 2. the major reason for immigrant coming to united state is poverty especially for those who did not educate most of the immigrant come for a better lifewhich include economic opportunities 3. the highest number of immigrants come from china and they spoke zhujiang delta 4.most of the immigrant work in the factory 5. they had to take long journey, they were tired they can't even sleep because there was not enough place,if they had any of disease they would be deportedthere were many tearful scenes as familywith a sick child decided who will go and stayit was painful because if you go with your husband or your child if one of them is sickthey will have been deported double click to change this header text! my mom came to the united state. She left me with my aunt. she decided to send for me.when I was getting ready to comemy aunt was crying, but I was happy to come at the same time I was sad because I know my auntmore than my mother,I get here in an airplane it wasn't funbecause, I thought I was going to dieit is the first timeleaving home.I seat next to an adult me ,and my sisterarrived at 9:45 when I get here I was very happy to see my parents I didn't know my father because he left me when I was one monthhe was happy to see me
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