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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nancy Wake DOG In 1940 she crossed the line between observation and action, and joined the embryonic Resistance movement Organize French Resistance, disrupt the German Army through sabotage, Allies most decorated servicewomen of WWII, and the Gestapos most-wanted person.code-named The White Mouse because of her ability to elude capture She was trained at a British Ministry of Defense camp in Scotland in survival skills, From London she headed for Paris, from where she sent reports to American press agencies. She had a 5-million dollar reward because she was the most wanted in Gestapo Her husband was tortured and killed when she ran away killed a girl that she had the suspicion of being a german spyShe helped organize thousands of French resistance fighters knownas the Maquis, most decorated servicewomen of WWI Resistance fighter who led an army of 7,000 Maquis troops in guerrilla warfare to sabotage the Nazis Wake was awarded the George Medal, the United States Medal of Freedom, the Médaille de la Résistance, and thrice the Croix de Guerre. who is this person? What did they do? How didthey do it? Where did this happen? What challenges did he/she face? How did this persons actions affect other people? How did this person relate to the war? What happened to this person after the war? What was going on that led up to this event?
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