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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Myownbike Website The making of The great the good and the bad. Improvements for the Future Major Hurdles in Creating the Website 1 PHP? PHP? HTML? Java? CSS? 2 We wanted to create a website that was easy forour customers to use. It took us some time to choose the right look for our home page. As we are going for the pure and simple look, we decided to also keep our home page simple and easy to findwhat you need. 3 4 The last page we had to create is our shopping cart page. We had a couple of roadblocks in this area. First, we took some time to figure out if we would allowpaypal to be a form of payment for our customers. Linking to paypal would require upgrading our Wix account to a premium account. This issue also applied for addingshipping options onto our website. We resolved the problem by using one of our teammember's personal paypal account and applying for a free trial of the premium account. After getting the premium options, we easily added the shipping, paypal and even promotional/coupon options to our cart page. Shop Main Page Our Visit Us page was created to inform our customers of our location in Taiwan and make sure they have options to look up directions.We also created an option for our customers to make an appointment online to try out our bikes. This will help us obtain an ongoingupdate of new potential customers. We have back end software that records the information input into the "Try YourOwnBike" section.Lastly, we have made sure that our customers are protected when they enter personal information with a verification box. Trending Bike Page Configurator Page We also kept our FAQ section simple and clear.We wanted our customers to be able to quickly find the answers to the most common questions. Our about the company page is also kept simple and clear. We chose to presenta little bit of history explaining how Myownbike had made its way over to Taiwan. We also explain our goal of creating simple and elegant bikes. 5 As our product is focused on customizing bicycles, we needed a way to allow our customers access to the configurator so they can easily customize their own bikes and purchases right away. We ended up using the program "iFrame" to apply the configurator from the original headquarter's website onto our website. However, we did run into the problem of the currency shown when informing customers of how much their customized bike would cost. 6 7 Websites can be made using HTML, CSS,JavaScript and PHP; depending on the designof your choice which is the most important. Since our group did not have any experienced programmers, we were not sure at first how we will be creating our website. Luckily we found a great website creating tool called that is very user friendly and comes with templates we can use as guidelines. Setting up an easy to use return policy. Perhaps customers can still apply for refund if parts have not been assembled. Setting up a whole RFID system for customers to track their parts. Setting up a CRM system that includes customer feedback on service and bike quality.
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