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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Geological Footprint Xena Tutah Red: Food, 12%Green: Shelter, 16%Yellow: mobility 9%Grey: goods, 21%Blue: services, 43% My ecological footprint: Ways to reduce -If my family and I used solar panels for electricity we could reduce ourecological footprint. -If I use public transportation one more day vs. riding in the car, thatwill also reduce my footprint Ways to reduce Water used in my home and yard: 86 gallonswater in my diet: 437 gallonswater I use for transportation and energy: 1175 gallonsMy stuff that use water 32.3 gallons My Water Foot print; The average american uses 2,088 gallons of water, in total i use 1,730.3 gallons