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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Homework Mr Fawson's World Famous Geography Class Student Teacher Fridays Expectations World Wide Connections Technology Students will need a Google account and a Dropbox account and be prepared to connect with the world using online resources and technology tools. We will use Canvas Instructureas a platform to discuss and collaborate ideas. Homework will be assigned at the start of the weekand due at the end of the week. Students may receive up to 50% creditfor late work up to a week past due. If we learn 85-95% of what we teach then the goal is not to become a life-long learner; it is to become a life-long teacher. Once a term on a Friday you will present a topic to the class. Each student is expected to be on time, prepared, and to do the daily class and home work. If students are tardy, disruptive, or excessively absent this will affect their citizenship grade. The study of Geography gives us a better understanding of the world. This course will include human and physical geography essentials and skills.We will begin our journey in North America and then discover connections throughoutthe rest of the world.