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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Men played 3 major parts in the war Soldiers Spies 1. Minute men Men Women Roles in the Revoluiton vs Although, there weren't many, women had a pretty important role in the war Many women were called "camp followers".Camp followers were people who followedthe soldiers around when the moved campsand would cook and nurse for the soilders. There were over 1000 camp folowers One women that wasactually in combat was Catherine Moore Barry.She fought in the Battle of Cowpens and it was a victorious win for the Continental Army One last role that women played in the revolution was that they were amazing spies for the Continental army, mostly because men spoke freely around them because they didn't understand military tactics. What would happen ifthere were no womenthat took part of the Revolution? Well, there would be no one toclean, cook, and do other chores for the soldiers. Also, the spy system of the Continental Armywould not have been asstrong. And lastly, therewouldn't have been brave people like Catherine to actually be apart in war The most obvious role of the men is a soldier.There were over 250,00soldiers in the Continental Army. They were poorly traind farmers at first but soon became a strong military force The second role that themen played were spies.The Continental Army had a huge spy networkcalled The Culper Spy Ring. They were very good at there job andwas a big factor on whythe Continental Army had won the war. Lastly there were Minute Men. MinuteMen are an elite forceof men who are ready to defend as soon as possible. They are anotherhuge factor of the winningof the war The relationship betweenthe soldiers, spies, and minute men is that theyare very dependent on each other. Without the spies, the soldiers wouldhave no idea what theBritish had planned. Without the minute men,the soldiers could have been very unprepared for what was going to happen during the war. And without the soldiers, there would be noone of the spies and minutemen to work for
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