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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Post 9/11 Muslim Women in America By Avery Carruthers American Muslim Women: What It Means to Be a Muslim Woman in America STEREOTYPES DRESS CODE LINKS QUOTES "Being Muslim doesn't just mean not being Christian or Jewish. It means not being white.""Can she play sports with that? Can she speak English? Here's the bottom line: I cover my head not my mind.""Understanding a Muslim-American womans identity, involves understanding the intersection of her gender, religion, and in most cases her race." The terrorist attack is a continuous theme in the conversations about how to approachMuslim tradition in America. -Women have little power and/or rights.-Women need to wear the "hijab" in order to be "good" Muslims.-Women are oppressed and dictated by men. TRUTH:The Qur'an is the only book of Scripture in which women are frequently referred to alongside men, and both are described as being friends and partners in faith. Women say the choice to unveil their hair is highly private, emotional and religious. For others, the hijab became a burdenthat affected how others perceivedthem, the ways people treated them,and how fellow Muslimsexpected them to behave. Wear the hijab in America Do not wear the hijab Some said the terrorist attacks strengthened their desire to wear the hijab. They wantedto reflect a positive image to counter that of al-Qaida. 48% double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. (Liberal politics) (Liberal) (pro-Islam) (University) (pro-Islamic Women) (Conservative) (Muslim Women's Association) (Social Media/ Gossip) /articles.php?article_id=16 (pro-islam) (Political weblog) On one side, women not visibly wearing the hijab are assumed to not be practicing Islam. However, some Muslim women view veiling or wearing the hijab as moving backward towards a more oppressive lifestyle 43%
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