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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 office jammin' Scientists and psychologists have discovered that listening to music while workingincreases productivity, lightens moods, and makes for a healthier work environment;they even noted the effects of certain genres of music to the workplace. But what's the right stuff to listen to? The Mozart Effect A scientific study in 1993 showed thatlistening to Mozart enhances spatial reasoningin the brain, which helps to solve multi-stepproblems in everyday life. Mozart's music has even been used to treat seizures, help rats find the cheese in the maze, and to break down waste in waste management facilities! of workers reported better mood and higher productivity while listening to Mozart at work, according to a study. also check out: 88% The Four Seasons a concerto by Vivaldi Bolero an orchestral piece by Ravel Brandenburg Concertos six concertos by Bach Cool, man. Jazz music, espcially that of MilesDavis and John Coltrane, has beenshown to increase theta wave activityin the brain. Heavy theta activity,according to neurologists, helps thecreative process reach its peak. While in theta consciousness,people can experience suddenintuitions providing ready-madeinsights and new solutions to unresolved problems. Miles Davis Kind of Blue John Coltrane Blue Train The word "jazz"was first used inthe mid-1800s,and meant spiritor energy. Come Together The later works of The Beatles and theirfree-association style lyricism can increasecreative drive and lighten moods in stressfulsituations. Plus, they're a lot of fun to listen to. Upbeat pop music, like that of theFab Four, was found to eliminateor significantly decrease feelings ofboredom in monotonous workplaces. G7sus4 the twangy first guitar chordfrom "Hard Day's Night," is themost recognizable chord inpop music history. And the soundwaves it registers in the brainconnect with the same parts ofthe brain as memory andspatial reasoning. After being stuck in an airport for several hours,producer/artist Brian Eno conceived an albumof ambient music called "Ambient 1: Music forAirports," designed to diffuse tension and anxietyin stressful settings. Just breathe. Ambient music focuses on creating anatmosphere for the listener,and typicallylacks organization, beat, or structure.Intended to induce a calm, mellowmood, some ambient artists have claimedthe music must be as interesting as it is ignorable. TYPES OF BRAIN WAVES beta alpha theta delta Some statistics and information wasretrieved from
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