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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 some people think that digital books is not a good idea becues they have thebooks on the hands. 80%think that digile books is are impontant for the svres .they going to put internet in the labies nowbecues they ues it more now some dont like the way is chaning where the pason of books they dont remmber of uing books when they growing up.they donhave nothing to offre . in the past years has not chance .now the socers are too low for the libies now people ues thecomuper and look at books .now we ues the tv ,newspares and ues the eletornes . Technology Use At Libraries Stephany gottschlingpr 2 the good thing aout the the libies is now more updeated now we can find more information we cant find esrdeand wokes for the kisd more espicelly the onces how are smaller icant how ilove it i think the libres how to accpet the libre is chaningthe kids are uesing it for gand uot not as a study .prents are superzed how kids dont want to go libers the libes see how kids now is sad .the thing i leand is so many suff the people the socoes are to low i cant how much the labies have chances for the better .i rember how the labies ues to it ues to be maical and fun is anthor world thats what i leard . 1ues it for recodes2hav e are phone3now the laburiesare uesing comuters4 is now ues in califona5many ues internet6the libers uising on line7the faimly remmbre howthey to be laburs aound8 back then more libres 9 they went to lbyies they have oppting10they where evrywhere 11 people say that libyies are important 12many peole dont go the labryies 13 is imprtant to svervs14 for the kids 15 that efte our commty16for the growed 17 ues the website 18more ues for enterment 19 rechers and homework 20 chance in 5years 21looking events 22 libes have chance 23sould chance the silks 24 do you tink it wuold chance25put new silks
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