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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1983, Howard joined the Navy and completed BUD's training. After completing Desert StormHoward completed SEAL Team Six trainingand joined SEAL Team Six group red. November 8 1961, Howard Wasdin was born. I am a Seal Team Six Warrior Memoirs of an American SoldierBy Howard Wasdin and Stephen Templin August 8 1993, PresidentBill Clinton sends SEALTeam Six, Delta Force,Rangers & others to go afterAidid a Somali military commander. The next mission Howard went on was to destroy a tomahawk missilethat did not detonate. August 31 1993, Howard and his teammate Casonvadiscover Aidid's people had been smuggling motar shells disguised as baby's. September 6 1993, two ofHoward's assets were shotand another was beaten to death. September 18 1993,Howard and Casanova provide sniper cover for forces attacking Atto's garage but Atto isn't captured till September 21. September 13 1993, Howard and Casanova start surveillance on a garage owned by Attowho gets funds for Aidid. September 10 1993, asset'sreport that Aidid knows about Pasha Howard's safe house. The book "I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior"is a true story about Howard Wasdin conquering childhood abuse, joining the navyand his path to joining the elite SEALTeam Six. It describes his day to day life searching for Aidid, a Somali military commander. As well as his role in the battle of Mogadishu that caused him to be wounded and unable to continue his military service.As well as his transition to civilian life. "Do the right thing even if it means dyinglike a dog when no one's there to seeyou do it"- Vice Admiral James Stockdaleis quote I found from the book. I chose this because it shows the leave of honer theSEAL's believe in and what they will dono matter the consequences. This is the NavySEAL's emblem. This is Howard and the other military personnel that Howardworked with. This is Howard at his clinic after his military service. -Howard went through a training called"Hell Week" which is known as the toughest training in America.-Howard's longest kill was at 846 yards and it was an accidental head shot.-Howard served in the Navy and SEALTeam two before joining SEAL Team Six. September 26 1993, .50 caliber antiaircraft weapon was spotted. Battle of Mogadishu, Howarddrives a "cutvee" after receiving enemy fire Howard returned fireand assisted fellow soldiers in getting to the rally point. During the Battle Howard is wounded3 times, the last shothit his shinbone and caused him to lose control of his leg. After his military service. Howard wentback to school to become a chiropractor. 1996, Howard was on the USS JFK. He was sent out to monitora Russian sub that had a faultymissile hatch and had explodedkilling three crewmen. One of Howard's Firstassignments as a SEALwas to capture a shipthat was laying mines in the ocean. After going through "Hell Week" a tough training and testing course SEAL's must dohe passed and joinsSEAL Team Two. Howard learns about the SEAL's,receives his CO'srecommendation for SEAL training and he is accepted. 1996, the helicopter that they were monitoringthe sub from malfunctioned and crashed into the water. Howard assisted in the rescueof fellow passengers on the helicopter. August 2 1990,Iraq started invading Kuwait causing the US and others to get involved.
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