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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Katrina Lowe GasesThe particles in a gas are far apart and arranged in a random way. The particles in a gas canmove quickly in all directions. There are no bonds between the particles in a gas, so they are free to move in any direction. Gases can be compressed and will take the shape of their container. Particles LiquidsThe particles in a liquid are close together and arranged in a random way. They can move around each other because the bonds in a liquid are strong enough to keep the particles close together, but weak enough to let them move around each other. A liquid can take the shape of its container. The particles cannot be compressed or squashed. In Solids, Liquids and Gases the particles are the same shape and size, but the particles move faster in gases. Moving Faster SolidsThe particles in a solid are close together and they are arranged in a regular pattern. They are held together by strong forces called bonds, they can vibrate in a fixed position, however they cannot move from place to place. Solids have a fixed shape and cannot be compressed. Removed from the freezerthe ice cube begins to melt,as the temperature rises. As a liquid, the bonds are strongenough to keep the particles closetogether, but weak enough to let them move around each other. The particles flow and take the shapeof their container. An ice cube is a solid, with its particles closely packed together. The Journey The particles in a liquid have different energies. Some will have enough energy to escape from the liquid and become a gas. The particles in the liquid have a lower average kinetic energy than before, so the liquid cools down as evaporation happens. As a gas the water vapor particles are freeto move about and will escape if not placedin a container. Unlike solids and liquids, gas can be compressed. The spaces betweenthe particles is so great that a gas can be made smaller, called compression. Often gases are invisible because the small particles are so spread out.
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