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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 YES NO where will i find my movie? SOMETIMES DOES IT HAVEA CREATIVE COMMONSSYMBOL? NO! YES YES YES is it twilight? DO I KNOW ANYARTISTS, PHOTO-GRAPHERS OR DESIGNERS? YES does it take place in space? DOCUMENTARY GO BACK DO I REALIZE COPYRIGHTINFRINGEMENT IS A CRIME? WOULD IT BE FAIR FOR THEM NOT TOBE PAID FOR THEIRWORK? YES YES does it take place in space,utopia, dystopia, feature experiments gone awry, aliens, men/women in capesand/or tights orsupernatural beings? WHERE CAN ILEARN MORE? YES WOULD I WANT SOMEONE TO USE IT WITHOUT ASKING ME? NO is it about real events portrayed by real people and not starring actors, except for narration or those weird reenactments they do on the history channel? is it funny? OK NO YES DOES IT HAVE A COPYRIGHT SYMBOL? SCIENCEFICTION intentionally so? NO YES NO NO NO FAMILY ACTION CLASSICS science fiction MUSICALS is there singingand/or dancing? NO would you, as an adult, watch this film, tv show or documentary alone without feeling like you are, at best, nostalgic for your youth, or at worst,emotionally stunted? NO NO NO NO YES is the film mostly an excuseto watch people shoot things, buildings explode or cars being chased? YES NO does it featureghosts, werewolvesor vampires? YES NO do any of them sparkle? YES YES YES does it feature graphic murder,possibly with a chainsaw? NO was it made before 1970? YES YES is it a super seriousmovie about war? NO horses and ranches and all that? YES NO YES westerns NO YES YES YES NO comedy NO NO YES horror
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