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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did mount.Vesuvius' eruption effect Pompeii? Table of contents Facts about is mount. Vesuviusand Pompeii double click to change this header text! what was the impact of Mount. Vesuvius on the environment? What was the impact on peoples social lives? Mount Vesuvius, on the west coast of Italy, is the only active volcano on mainland Europe. It is best know. because of the eruption in A.D. 79 that destroyed the city of Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to the large population of the city of Naples and the surrounding towns on the slopes nearby. facts about Mount Vesuvius!!!!! The volcano is classed as a complex stratovolcano because its eruptions typically involve explosive eruptions as well as pyroclastic flows. Vesuvius and other Italian volcanoes, such as Campi Flegrei and Stromboli, are part of the Campanian volcanic arc. The Campanian arc sits on a tectonic boundary where the African plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasian plate. Under Vesuvius, scientists have detected a tear in the African plate. This slab window allows heat from the Earths mantle layer to melt the rock of the African plate building up pressure that causes violent explosive eruptions. In the past, Mount Vesuvius has had a roughly 20-year eruption cycle, but the last serious eruption was in 1944.
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