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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MOST AFFORDABLE ONLINE COLLEGES The Best Value Schools and Online Degree Programs MOST AFFORDABLE ONLINE COLLEGES The Best Value Schools and Online Degree Programs UNIVERSITY BACHELOR'S TUITION(out-of-state) BACHELOR'S TUITION (in-state) MASTER'S TUITION (in-state) MASTER'S TUITION (out-of-state) Sam Houston State University Fort Hays State University Lamar University University of Arkansas University of North Dakota Valdosta State University West TexasA&M University Columbia College University of West Georgia Oregon State University $195/credit $195/credit $254/credit $182/credit $182/credit $247-400/credit $247-400/credit $208/credit $208/credit $235-250/credit $235-250/credit $212/credit $212/credit $250-362/credit $250-362/credit $257/credit $257/credit $276/credit $276/credit $250/credit $250/credit $285-700/credit $285-700/credit $233/credit $233/credit $298-366/credit $298-366/credit $245/credit $245/credit $335-345/credit $335-345/credit $256/credit $256/credit $191/credit $191/credit $550/credit $550/credit $282-700/credit $282-700/credit Most Affordable Master's Degrees in NURSING NURSING 1. Fort Hays State University2. University of North Dakota3. Lamar University4. University of Southern Indiana5. University of MissouriKansas City Most Affordable Master's Degrees in EDUCATION EDUCATION 1. Chaminade University of Honolulu2. Lamar University3. Arkansas State UniversityJonesboro4. Sam Houston State University5. Fort Hays State University Most Affordable Master's Degrees in IT IT 1. Sam Houston State University2. Southern Polytechnic State University3. Mississippi State University4. Georgia Southern University5. Iowa State University Most Affordable Master's Degrees in ENGINEERING ENGINEERING 1. University of Arkansas2. Louisiana Tech University3. Mississippi State University4. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology5. University of Cincinnati TIPS TO SAVE WHEN CHOOSING AN ONLINE COLLEGE 1. Decide on your major2. If you cant decide on a major, look for schools with many degree options3. Get an idea of cost for your degree4. Set your budget5. Look for schools within your budget that offer your degree (or multiple degrees)6. Eliminate the schools that are too expensive7. Weigh the quality measures of that school8. Apply to a select number schools where you have a good chance of being accepted Source: Research conducted by The Simple Dollar Team TIPS TO SAVE WHILE IN SCHOOL 1. Get an internship or entry-level job in your desired field2. Start with your associates degree3. Move to a bachelors completion program4. Advance in your career5. Continue your education with an online graduate program while working $254/credit $254/credit $182/credit Best Degrees ASSOCIATE'S ASSOCIATE'S 1. Technology 2. Business3. Health4. Education5. Criminal Justice6. Paralegal Studies7. Family Development Best Inexpensive BACHELOR'S BACHELOR'S Degree Programs 1. Fort Hays State2. Oregon State University3. Sam Houston State University4. Lamar University5. University of Arkansas6. West Texas A&M University For more information or if you have any other questions, visit
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