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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morphine Do you need a prescription, is it legal? Morphine is a legal drug. Morphine has medical value but you need a prescription for it. l ly. What is morphine classified as? Morphine is classified as a narcotic.Narcotic are used to relieve acute or chronic pain. This type of drug has a tendency to cause tolerance and dependence. What is morphinetypically used for? Morphine is typically used for pain as most narcotic.It is used before or after surgery. By working in the brain it can effectively change the way a person experiences pain. s What are the short effects of morphine on your body?Short term effects may be drowsiness, slowed breathing, constipation, unconsciousness,nausea, coma. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Does morphine have a medicinal value?Do you need a proscription? Is it legal or illegal? What are the street names for morphine?on the street morphine goes by many ways here are some. White stuff, Miss Emma,monkey, M, Duramorph,Roxanol. / What are the long term effects of morphine? Long term use of morphine can lead to physicaldependence. This can also lead to tolerance and addiction.This can also include tolerance and addiction. Individuals taking prescribed opioid medications should be given these medications under appropriate medical supervision and should be supervised when discontinuing use to mitigate withdrawal symptoms. What different forms does it come in?Morphine is most commonly found in theform of a tablet, syrup, injection, swallowed or even smoked.
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