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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morphine Type of DrugIt is a medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain. Street Names Duramorph Miss Emma Monkey Roxanol White Where it comes fromMorphine was first extracted from opium in the early nineteenth How its madeMade from opium poppy.Latex is gathered from unripepoppy pods. The crushed poppyplant is treated with sulphuricacid. The resulting mixture goesthrough numerous extraction process's. Finally alkaloids areprecipitated ammonium hydroxideor sodium EffectsIt can cause constipation. If taken in excess it can evenlead to cardiac arrest. Morphinecan cause blood pressure to fall.It may make you feel faint, makethings blurred, give you shortnessof breath or slow breathing. RisksAddiction, Overdose, or Is it legal?It is only legal for a person if it hasbeen prescribed for that Is it medicine?It has been used for pain relief and other indications for Addictive?Morphine is highly How abused?The longer a person takes morphine, the more they need to experiencethe same level of effect. This isbecause overtime, the individualwill develop a tolerance to thedrug which coincides with morphine
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