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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3. Perkins, D., Salomon, G.,(1992) General Formatretrieved from Schmitz, C., et al.(September 2011)General Formatretrieved from 1. Frodeman, R., Mitcham, C., (2007), General format. retrieved from Gee, J., (1996)General format Website Much work in the new capitalism involves teams and collaboration, based on the idea that in a fast-changing environment, where knowledge goes out of date rapidly and technological innovation is common, a team can behave more smartly than any individual in it by pooling and distributing knowledge.(Gee, 3) Interdisciplinary Indeed, in the way that interdisciplinarity usually functions, it does not so much counter disciplinarity as advance it. (Frodeman, 3) Although the ecological environment is not divided into discreet packages, professional disciplines often attempt to understand it, not in it's holistic complexity, but rather in bounded pieces. (Schmitz, 2) The act of looking through the lens of multiple disciplines in order to answer questions that can't be answered as effectively or at all with only one discipline Learners acquire skills and knowledge in one situation and fail to makeconnections to other situations where those skills and knowledge would prove valuable. (Perkins, 1) "It has become apparent, however, that the complexity of many problems-from social anomie to climate change-calls for global views, even at the cost of more nuanced epistemological analysis." (Frodeman, 3) morilu no sabe trabajar con esto
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