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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mesoamerica Final Project Inca Diary Maya, Aztec, Inca Aztec Maya Time:Religion:Government: Aztec Inca Maya Time:Religion:Government: CSI: MAYAN MYSTERIOUS DISAPEARNCE How did trade impact their civilization? How did religion impact their culture? How did the geography impact their culture? double click to change this header text! The Maya had1. Ruling noble family2. Was short in time period3. Died in mysterious vanish4. Was a polytheistic religion5. Invented astronomy, writing, and science The Aztec had1. Had emperor2. Had floating gardens3. Played ollama4. Made many inventions5. Captured by Hernan Cortes Picture of Key figure Picture of Acheivement Polytheistic Polytheistic Polytheistic Time:Religion:Government: Sapa Inca NobleFamily Emperor AD 1325 - 1521 AD 1100-1533 200 BC - AD 900 The inventionfloating gardenswere to keepcrooks fromcrops. I belieive _______Warfare______________ happened because______________Because the enemies could have killed all the citizents._________________________________. Three things people believe caused the Mayans disappearance are1. Warfare2. Disease3. Famine Similarities: 1: All had a way of government2: All were polytheistic3: All had time periods of prosper The Inca had1. Was rich in gold2. Captured by Francisco Pizarro3. Had the Sapa Inca 4. the ninth ruler was pichutti 5. Had 9 rulers Mayan double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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